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Affordable drinks, a warm underground scene and themed evenings with live events throughout the week, across the street from Bucharest’s historic old town. Lloyd’s Pub is located in the cellar of 16, Coltei Str., right next to the monumental Coltea Hospital.

The name Lloyd’s is pulled from the centuries-old insurance powerhouse Lloyd’s of London and relates to communal drinking in unexpected ways. Mr. Lloyd represented the beginning of insurance as we know it and it all started in an environment like ours. Edward Lloyd ran a coffeehouse tavern in the 17th century that saw the coming and going of ship captains and crew heading in every direction. He knew all the ship captains and owners and would tell these guys before they’d head off ‘Hey I’ll subscribe two pennies to your ship and supplies‘. And then others in the pub would say ‘I’ll be the underwriter’ and add their signatures. These were some of the first instances of insurance policies in the modern era. This theme is displayed in a collection of old framed insurance policies along the brick walled interior.

The tavern features a weekly events schedule, with live music, theater performances, stand up comedy and karaoke. Weekends will see Lloyd’s open late for clubbing nights, with drink discounts for the customers!

With a great venue, close to the artistic and bohemian pulse underlying the city of Bucharest and a packed schedule of entertainment and relaxation, Lloyd’s Pub awaits for anyone who wants to have a great deal of fun!